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Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis



Invited lectures and a selection of the contributed papers can be published as a special issue of Reaction Kinetics Mechanisms and Catalysis. There are no specific length restrictions for manuscripts, although papers should be of a length appropriate to the material presented at the Symposium. Only papers containing significant new research results and/or critical review material will be considered for publication.

Authors wishing to submit a paper should make use of the Springer electronic submission website: (please use to author comments section to indicate that the paper is intended for the symposium proceedings).

Submission can be made up to 30 November, 2016. All papers will be examined by referees and are expected to comply with the standards expected for a paper published by the journal in a regular issue. Papers will be typeset, and manuscripts should be prepared according to the instructions available at

Important guidelines for manuscript preparation:

  1. REACTION KINETICS, MECHANISMS AND CATALYSIS does not have strict length limitations. The journal usually publishes full papers, the length of which should not be unreasonable. Reviews can also be submitted in the special issue after prior consultation with the editorial office. Authors are typically asked to limit the number of individual graphs, images and figures to no more than 10 in the main text of a single manuscript. The extensive use of the Supplementary Information for depositing non-vital but useful data connected to the manuscript is also encouraged.
  2. The printed version of the journal is always black and white. This is why all authors are strongly encouraged to prepare black and white figures. Technically, it is possible to have color figures in the online version (without payment), but that will also be printed in black and white, so usually it makes more sense to prepare black and white figures only as early as in the first version of a submission. The Supplementary Information is published only electronically, colors can be used freely there.
  3. In agreement with Springer policy, we also offer the open access choice for publication, but payment is necessary here. In general, few of our authors opt for open access. It is important to understand that the journal works on a traditional (open publish) basis. The question whether an author wants open access or not is only asked after the acceptance of a paper in order to make sure that editorial decisions are not influenced by the choice of the author.
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